Monthly Archives: January 2014

Java EE jee-bankapp code snippets released

jeeSome time ago when I was preparing for the Java EE 5 Business Component Developer exam I wrote few lines of code for exercise. I decided to make an order with the code to create a Java EE application. I believe it can bring an education value for those people who plan to attempt the exam or just want to learn JEE. I shared the Java EE application in github jee-bankapp. It is just named jee-bankapp because it implements bank account basic operations. This is not a full-working application to operate on an account. It is rather a skeleton which takes advantages of different JEE possibilities. Best practices are not always here followed whereas most emphasis is put on various approaches to JEE implementation.

There is created a separated page dedicated to this JEE app. You can expect that this page will be updated.