Monthly Archives: June 2014

33rd Degree Conference 2014 in Kraków

In this week I attended together with guys form hybris the 33rd Degree conference. It was the fourth edition and took place in Kraków. The venue was multikino building. These were pretty hot days. The temperature outside was over 30 degrees, the 33 degrees were reached for sure ;) Inside multikino, rooms were air-conditioned. The sessions were delivered inside whereas lunches and beer were served in a tent which was next to the building. In addition to that every participant got a 7” tablet.

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Employing Java 8 in service layer

java8The purpose of this post is to take a look on lambda expressions introduced in Java SE 8 and using them in service layer making code more concise and sophisticated as well. The focus is put on services implementation. The CarService is introduced here as an example. Emphasis is put on Java8 lambda expressions, java.util.function package, especially on Predicate and Function. New features is a must in Java world. The possibilities do not bring new values in programming languages in general. They are already known from other languages. However, Java is a really general purpose programming language and it always takes time to introduce new features and ensuring production-ready platform. This post is code oriented. The most significant code snippets are provided throughout the content whereas the complete sources can be found on softexploration github.

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