Monthly Archives: October 2015

Spring Web – Four Day Workshop

IMG_2300This post is a short overview of the Four day workshop about Spring Web. The full name of this course is Building Enterprise Web Applications using Spring MVC. I participated in the course this week. This is the latest version of the course. An exam aligned to this edition should be available soon.  

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Remote sprint planning mitigation

IMG_1463_fOne of the challenges of work in a distributed team is sprint planning. In fact every Scrum event is important. I published Challenges of work in distributed teams some time ago which addresses work in distributed teams. This time I’d like to take into account sprint planning because this event tend to be particularly tiring when performed remotely. According to The Scrum Guide™ this is the longest event (except sprint itself) during a whole iteration. In addition to that this one is crucial in order to provide right input into a new sprint backlog. Every minute spent with an online tool make us more exhausted than it would be done on site. 

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