Monthly Archives: June 2017

Quality Excites Conference, Gliwice 2017

I had a pleasure to be speaker and attendee on the Quality Excites Conference. The conference took place last Saturday in Gliwice on the 24th of June, 2017. That’s was a very hot day with a very cool atmosphere during the event. The conference attracted people excited by software quality. We could meet both quality experts and also those attendees who became more aware of software quality after the conference.

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J On The Beach conference, Málaga 2017

This is a brief summary of the J On The Beach conference. The conference’s organizers say: J On The Beach is an international rendezvous for developers and DevOps around big data technologies. A fun conference to learn and share the latest experiences related to topics like distributed systems, IoT projects, Big Data Architectures and, the most important part, it’s On The Beach![1]. They delivered what they promised. There was fun and a opportunity to learn something new.

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