The Clean Coder – Book review

This post is a review of a book for professional programmers. The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers [1] is the complete title of the book. The book is written by Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob) [2]. This publication is a must to read and being familiar with for professional software developers. All the content has a profound foundation based on the Robert C. Martin’s experience. The author gives guidelines how a professional programmer acts.


Before The Clean Coder, Uncle Bob published Clean Code [1]Clean Code is a book recognized as a one of must to read. While in Clean Code the leading actor was code, in The Clean Coder, this role is played by coder. There is described how a professional developer behaves. It is presented how a clean software development looks in author’s eyes.


This book is for every programming language programmer. Uncle Bob worked in various environments and programmed in different languages. Thanks to that and his hard work, the gained experience is really rich. The book is not only for programmers. It is valid for other people involved in software development as well.


The book is written is an easy to read language. The language is firm and not too formal. Author provides guidelines/commands rather than advice. Yes, it is A Code of Conduct. I suggest to keep distance while reading. Even though, there is only truth in the book, that is always a good practice to validate content and place it into a proper context.


Professionalism is the leading word throughout this book. Developer is considered only by being a professional. Uncle Bob explains the meaning of a professional programmer. In every field people are desired to be professional. Martins shows how it should look in software development industry.
I learned from this book. I also found many good practices and facts I was already familiar with. Some of them were obvious, some I realized that I know. It confirmed my believings.
Author shares what was good in his career and what was not. All these facts and guidelines are wrapped by his convincing experience.

Uncle Bob teaches how to say no and how to say yes. There are taken into consideration the following topics: professionalism, programming matters, estimation, testing, TDD, acceptance testing, practicing, time management, pressure, collaboration, teams, projects, mentoring and finally tools. Emphasis is put on programmers relations. There are taken into account relations between other programmers, business people.


I recommend this book those people who are interested in professional software development. Even if you are long in the industry, you will learn something new. It is worth to consider lessons learned from others. There are plenty books about code on the market. This one is about people responsible for implementing clean code with a purpose to deliver business value.



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