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Spring I/O 2015 conference in Barcelona

IMG_0676I had an opportunity to participate in the Spring I/O 2015 conference in Barcelona [1]. I was there with some guys from my work. This was a 2-day conference. The event was mainly focused on spring-related products. It was expected ;) Organizers say about it 2 days full of Spring, Groovy, Grails and Cloud. In general, opinions expressed in this post are based on my observations of facts and presentations which I saw. I can say that the atmosphere was good enough. My general feeling is positive. We should take into account the duration, organization, purpose and price in order to evaluate the event.

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Agile Hiring – Book review

I’ve recently taken part in hiring new people for the company I work for. The Agile Hiring book was a decent foundation to gain knowledge in this process. The author of this book is Sean Landis. This publication presents overall process of hiring, starting from reviewing résumé and ending on closing a deal. Thanks to reading it you can get to know how to become an interviewer and conduct the hiring process. This is a guideline for interviewers on every level of sophistication. Special attention is put on beginners. There are given detailed check lists which may be helpful for them.

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MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch, OS X Mavericks – Quick review


Most of my posts I try to keep objective. This one I’d also like to treat in the same way. Because of review nature some sentences may a little bit deviate from being objective. This short article is not about all new Mavericks features and hardware performance. It is a look on both operating system and hardware at the same time. I’m looking on them as an one consisting product in order to assess its business value. 

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ISTQB Foundation Level Certification

Even though I am a software engineer I cleared the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification. Last week I had an opportunity to participate in a course and got an exam voucher. The course took two days and the exam was three days after the course. I decided to broaden my knowledge in quality assurance area and be more aware of basic testing principles.

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