Java EE best practices

jeeSome time ago Adam Bien published on his blog the recording of the presentation delivered by him on the 33rd Degree Conference 2014 in Kraków. I was on the conference and this is the presentation I most liked. The exact title of the show is Rethinking Packaging, Modularization, Interfaces with Plain Java EE 7.

This material is a set of best practices on creating proper Java EE projects. Even though the focus is set on Java EE, the knowledge can be successfully transferred into projects based on other technologies.

I like the presented approach to software development because it is fairly practical and pragmatic. Usability and adaptation of these practices may vary from project to project. It may also depends whether you’re working on a project or on a product. In general, more of these practices will be taken into account for project delivery rather than for a product.

These are the leading presentation’s objectives worth to get into:

  1. WAR, EAR archives
  2. Modules, components, packaging, plug-ins
  3. Strategy pattern
  4. Using interfaces with a common sense
  5. Cargo cult programming
  6. CI
  7. Deployment
  8. Fail fast pattern
  9. boundary-control-entity pattern
  10. Dockers


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