33rd Degree Conference 2014 in Kraków

In this week I attended together with guys form hybris the 33rd Degree conference. It was the fourth edition and took place in Kraków. The venue was multikino building. These were pretty hot days. The temperature outside was over 30 degrees, the 33 degrees were reached for sure ;) Inside multikino, rooms were air-conditioned. The sessions were delivered inside whereas lunches and beer were served in a tent which was next to the building. In addition to that every participant got a 7” tablet.

As it stays on the official conference web page, the conference is for Java developers. Sessions were mostly focused on Java8, reactive programming and functional programming. I agree that the event met its goal. Today’s Java developers should be aware of other languages and paradigms. Some presentations were interesting while other less. Keynotes were really impressing. I’d say they brought unique value and I am more happy with them rather than with regular talks. My general feeling is positive. Organization and content had the appropriate level.


Keynotes delivered by Mary Poppendieck and Ted Neward created really interesting kick-off. They were very valuable. Focus of these both was human taken into account as a developer and as a customer. The technical presentations which I mostly liked in this day was a Tom Bujok’s 33 things you want to do better and Arun Gupta’s 50 new features of Java EE 7. The first was about good practices while the latter gave a picture of last released Java Enterprise Edition.


Stared with interesting keynote Crazy and Focused. Then was Adam Bien’s Rethinking packaging, modularization, interfaces and plugins with plain Java EE 7. It was my favorite session. The Rethinking Your Code with Lamabdas and Streams in Java SE 8 presented by Simon Ritter was also well done.


From this day I recommend Jakub Kubryński’s Spring Boot – and it is light again and Venkat Subramaniam’s Keynote: The Joy of Functional Programming.


I mentioned only those presentation which I mostly liked. There was a chance to learn some new technical facts and thanks to keynotes learn how approaching things and people in general.

This kind of event is (should) be an opportunity to discussions and exchange of ideas or just knowledge transfer.

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