Cloudyna Conference 2015

I was on the Cloudyna conference last Saturday. This was the second edition of this conference. I’d like to give here a short update after this event. is the official home page and you can find there information about agenda, time, place, sponsors etc.


The event took place on the 14th of November 2015 in the Qubus Hotel Prestige Uniwersytecka 13 in Katowice. In my opinion this place was a nice one to have a conference there.


Presentations were less or more focused on the commercial content. In fact it’s hard to blame companies to show their products advantages. However, I especially appreciate those which were neutral enough. Some presentations were decoupled from exact technologies and provided content connected to good practices and architecture solutions. Other presentations showed benefits of cloud model from technical and financial points of view. In general, the agenda was interesting because of presenters from various cloud services providers and people with interesting experience. Presentations in English language increased value of the whole event. The content was vast in various topics on cloud computing. Thanks to the conference we cloud gain knowledge or at least get general understanding of cloud software architecture, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud financial benefits and finding reasons why to move into cloud.


This event was for free. There was only a requirement of prior registration. In addition to the conference there was also an after party. Every participant could get a voucher or two for a drink to have in the Garage Club in Katowice in the evening. Some of us attended the party.


IMG_2586 IMG_2580 IMG_2576 IMG_2555 IMG_2548 IMG_2540


I recommend this conference. Next year may be even better because organizers are interested in feedback of this occurrence. This conference is a special one while there is no too much other cloud related conferences on the (polish) market.

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