hybris eCommerce V5 Certification

Past week I attempted to hybris eCommerce V5 exam and passed it. There is a short summary about the certification below.


  1. Reviewed the commerce part of the hybris Commerce Suite release 5 documentation
  2. Performed the hybris Commerce Developer Trail
  3. Recalled the knowledge gained during work on hybris accelerator


Similar to the Core Developer exam it is recommended to feel comfortable with  Commerce Developer Trail. In my opinion it is desired to have a good understanding of both technical and conceptual commerce modules aspects . Such a developer has a feeling on what and how can be solved in the commerce system.  The idea of the exam’s form is pretty similar to the Core exam. There are also many multiple choice questions. Read carefully questions and pay attention on words which may clarify how many answers are correct. More recommendations and FAQ regarding the exam are available on hybris wiki.

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