ISTQB Foundation Level Certification

Even though I am a software engineer I cleared the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification. Last week I had an opportunity to participate in a course and got an exam voucher. The course took two days and the exam was three days after the course. I decided to broaden my knowledge in quality assurance area and be more aware of basic testing principles.


The course was two days long. I liked the way it was run. The trainer was a clever guy with the attitude to make these meetings nice and useful. The intention was to give participants efficient preparation for the exam. By the way, none of attendees was a software tester and all we passed the exam.


In my opinion the exam was easy. My preparation was mainly during the course. There were 40 questions. The pass score is 65% i.e. 26 correctly answered questions. I passed it with a score of 82.5%. It is especially easy to learn the topic if you have some experience in software development. There is required knowledge of some special QA terms and the rest is common sense.

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