Enterprise Integration with Spring Training

This post is a short summary of the Enterprise Integration with Spring training which I attended this week in Munich together with colleagues from hybris. The course took 4 days starting from 06/05/14 to 09/05/14.


There were delivered the following objects:

  1. Student Lecture Manual
  2. Student Lab Manual
  3. Student Notebook
  4. USB drive with STS installation and labs materials
  5. Pen


This training is not limited to Spring Integration project. Even though Spring Integration is here a crucial part, the course covers topics like remoting, SOAP Web Services, REST, transactions, Spring Batch, task/scheduling. The exact scope is available on [1]. Before the course the range appeared to be quite vast. After finishing the course and doing labs it looks even more comprehensive. The ideas of these topics are straightforward but the variety possibilities of configuration are extensive.


The course consist of two kind of activity:

  1. Lectures delivered by trainer
  2. LAB parts which follow each lecture part

In comparison to Core Spring training [2] there was not too much to note during these lectures. In the previous training I did some notes on few pages in the Student Notebook. This time nothing special was mentioned. The materials have some mistakes and contain invalid links to resources.


The next step is a preparation for an exam. The delivered materials probably will be main source to learn. The official guideline to study for the exam is rather unavailable. The link Certification Study Guide on [3] opens http://mylearn.vmware.com/register.cfm?course=155489. I expected something similar to Certification Study Guide pdf for Core Spring [4]. Fortunately, I found pdf file [5] which looks like an appropriate source.


[1] https://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrreg/courses.cfm?ui=www_edu&a=one&id_subject=17833

[2] http://blog.softexploration.com/software-development/springsource-certified-spring-professional.html

[3] http://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrReg/plan.cfm?plan=31113&ui=www_cert

[4] http://mylearn.vmware.com/courseware/152239/core-spring-3.0-certification-study-guide.pdf

[5] http://lkrnac.net/wp-stuff/uploads/2014/01/EIwS-1.x-certification-study-guide.pdf

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