Spring I/O 2016 conference in Barcelona

IMG_3996I’d like to shortly summarize here the Spring IO 16 Conference. I attended the conference last week together with my colleagues from work. This was my second time on the Spring IO Conference. In general I’d say this edition was quite similar to the previous one.


The event took place in AXA Auditorium, Av. Diagonal 547, Barcelona. This was the same venue as it was in previous year. The whole conference’s structure and flow suited well to the auditorium. The event started on 19th of May and ended on 20th of May. The time made the conference more beneficial because of good weather in this region. Last year the event was between 29th and 30th of April and the temperature was not so high. In order to support the efficient participation in the conference, there was a nice mobile app which allowed to evaluate presentations and review the schedule.


The conference introduces itself as 2 days full of Spring, Groovy, Grails and Cloud. This statement simply self explains the purpose. Subjects taken into account during sessions followed this “manifesto”. From my point of view this conference is best for people interested in developing software using Spring related products. The conference is purely technical. You won’t find here sessions on teamwork, work organization, planning and so forth.
There were three regular tracks and one workshop path in both days. Most of sessions I attended were delivered in interesting way. There was interesting presentation about Spring version 5. I very liked the session about JUnit 5 too. Josh Long’s presentation – Cloud Native Java was a mastery as well.


In this edition prices were between 219 Euro and 299 Euro. Last year’s prices were between 109 Euro and 149 Euro. Prices depended on time in which a ticket was ordered. It’s 100% rise which did not reflected in 100% better conditions and execution. This time was better food and after event party, but not in 100%.


IMG_4056IMG_3986 IMG_3998 IMG_4008 IMG_4012 IMG_4040


In general the conference made on me positive impression. It had a good structure and execution. Presenters were well prepared. Some aspects of the conference covered in this post were better in this edition. The conference place – Barcelona makes it more attractive to come there.


[1] http://www.springio.net
[2] http://www.springio.net/agenda

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