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Java EE jee-bankapp code snippets released

jeeSome time ago when I was preparing for the Java EE 5 Business Component Developer exam I wrote few lines of code for exercise. I decided to make an order with the code to create a Java EE application. I believe it can bring an education value for those people who plan to attempt the exam or just want to learn JEE. I shared the Java EE application in github jee-bankapp. It is just named jee-bankapp because it implements bank account basic operations. This is not a full-working application to operate on an account. It is rather a skeleton which takes advantages of different JEE possibilities. Best practices are not always here followed whereas most emphasis is put on various approaches to JEE implementation.

There is created a separated page dedicated to this JEE app. You can expect that this page will be updated.

Local and remote EJB performance comparison – PART II

Collecting and analyzing results

In this post are executed EJB performance tests on the technical infrastructure designed in PART I. The aim of these tests is to perform local and remote calls between EJB components and collect information about time spent on these calls. In the beginning is given a brief introduction to a business interface then is elaborated a test scenario. The last part is a result presentation and an attempt to define final conclusion.

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Local and remote EJB performance comparison – PART I

Technical infrastructure development

It is an obvious fact that local EJB calls are more efficient than remote. The aim here is to observe the difference between these calls in terms of time and resources consumption and finally provide observation results. In this post is given an overview and an explanation of a technical infrastructure with a goal to measure both local and remote EJB calls. The infrastructure consists of Java EE application suites and two managed servers running on Oracle WebLogic application server.

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Spring and EJB integration

springejbEJB components differ from Spring beans on the technical background whereas their concept is quite similar. The technical diversity might be an issue when composing dependencies between these two bean types. The purpose of this post it to give an idea to design solutions based on a mutual EJB and Spring beans interoperability. There are taken into account two main concerns: accessing EJB components from Spring beans and accessing Spring beans from EJB components. The post introduces technical aspects referring to a simple enterprise application implementing beans cooperation.

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