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The scope of the Daily Scrum

The scope of the Daily ScrumThis post is a discussion about scope of the Daily Scrum. Scope is considered in terms of meeting duration time, participants and discussion topics. Emphasis is particularly put on discussion topics. The general assumption is following The Scrum Guide™[1]. Scrum is a framework and allows us to suit it for an exact Scrum Team characteristics. We will cover here what is worth to include and what is not on the Daily Scrum meeting.

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Remote sprint planning mitigation

IMG_1463_fOne of the challenges of work in a distributed team is sprint planning. In fact every Scrum event is important. I published Challenges of work in distributed teams some time ago which addresses work in distributed teams. This time I’d like to take into account sprint planning because this event tend to be particularly tiring when performed remotely. According to The Scrum Guide™ this is the longest event (except sprint itself) during a whole iteration. In addition to that this one is crucial in order to provide right input into a new sprint backlog. Every minute spent with an online tool make us more exhausted than it would be done on site. 

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How to manage efficient sprint retrospectives


Sprint retrospective is one of five official events defined in The Scrum Guide™. This event should take place every sprint. There are sometimes sprints for which people don’t feel a need to have a retro. It could be because of a non-productive sprint, short sprint and an absence most of team members. In those situations organizing a retro meeting sounds like time wasting. In this post I’d like to take into account how scrum master can face it and encourage others to participate in a retro. I’ll present it basing on my experience in organizing these kind of meeting.

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